Black marketeering flourish amidst coronavirus pandemic

कृषि पोष्ट संवाददाता


Black marketeering has been flourishing amidst the coronavirus pandemic as authorities have failed to take actions.

A team, including Kathmandu Metropolitan Deputy Chief Hari Prabha Khadgi, inspected a market in Kuleshwor last Sunday morning and found many shops flouting the rules.

However, even though the deputy chief of the metropolis herself went out to monitor the market, the team could not impose any fine on those openly cheating the consumers.

The Local Government Operation Act, 2074 has stated that local units should work in the consumers’ interest by making a guideline to manage market monitoring.

The constitution has ensured the right of consumers to get quality services and materials. However, there is not even a single branch in the metropolis to work in consumers’ interest.

The metropolis has not even made a market monitoring guideline. The federal law stipulates that inspection officers can impose fines, but the metropolis has not appointed inspection officers.

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